Tuesday, April 5, 2011


During Christmas, Patrick and Ashley were having a difficult time setting up their Christmas tree.  I had wanted to plant a tree in memory of  Preslee, so Patrick and I went down and purchased a live spruce tree.  They decorated it with angel decorations and called it the angel tree. 
The snow finally melted here, so on Saturday I braved the forty mile an hour winds and went out and planted it in my back yard.  It looks a lot smaller than than it did in the pot all decorated for Christmas.  It is very significant of our little angel "Preslee".  She was small.  Very strong, but still very small.  Right around the corner from our house, there is a row of pine trees that are very old and tall and strong.  It is a reminder of what our angel tree can become.  Probably at least 100 years.  It too will grow tall and strong. 
I now will have a lifetime of mowing around the tree, pruning, watering, and fertilizing it.  It will always be a reminder to me of our angel.  Each week as I make the rounds mowing I will have a reminder of all that Preslee and her short life taught me.  The teachings are immeasurable to me.  The love that she showed us, the joy that she brought to our home, the hugs and kisses, and all of the teachings that she has blessed us with during and after her passing.  As the tree grows, it will also symbolize the growth that she is also undergoing in the spirit world. 
I am sure that the "Angel Tree" will live on, way after I am gone.  Hopefully it will be a memorial to her greatness for a long time.  We love you Preslee and still miss you every day.  This tree is for you, and in a way for all of us as well.  I will enjoy watching it grow.